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Ensuring your children’s teeth are growing in well when they are young sets them up for a lifetime of healthy and confident smiles.

Most people associate braces and other orthodontic treatments with teens and pre-teens, but many orthodontic issues benefit from much earlier treatment. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that “all kids should get a checkup no later than the age of 7.”

At that stage in their growth, your children’s permanent teeth are developed and grown in enough for our orthodontist, Dr. Donald W Linck II, to tell if there could be problems with their smile’s orthodontic development. He will be able to monitor their growth and provide corrective treatment if it is necessary.

By discovering these potential issues early, our orthodontist can more effectively guide the development of your child’s mouth. They can guide the jaw as it grows, lower the risk of permanent trauma to teeth that are erupting incorrectly, correct harmful oral habits, and guide the teeth into better position.

Having a well-aligned smile feels good and looks good. Bringing your children in for an orthodontic screening when they are 7 will give them the best chance to have a fantastic, healthy smile for their entire lives.

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