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If you have recently been fitted with orthodontic aligners, or are considering them for the future, don’t forget to clean your braces, not just your teeth.

Once your braces are installed, they become a part of you just like your own natural teeth and gums. You must care for them, clean them, and exercise caution with them to ensure they continue doing their job effectively.

Here are some helpful hints to remember for the holidays.

Because traditional braces may inhibit your regular eating patterns, avoid foods mentioned by your orthodontist that can get stuck in or damage your braces. A few holiday foods to avoid include:
– chewy candies such as taffy or chewing gum
– hard candies such as candy canes
– popcorn or corn on the cob
– apples
– various nuts and snacks
– hard cookies, peanut brittle, and crackers

Always remember to brush your teeth twice daily and floss your teeth once daily. Don’t forget to clean your retainer weekly. It’s also important to be careful with objects around your mouth which can damage your braces or your teeth. It is important to visit regularly with your orthodontist.

If you have any oral accidents, or your braces have been damaged, please contact Donald W. Linck II DDS, INC as soon as possible. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Donald W Linck II, we can be reached at 925-933-0435, or stop by our office in Pleasant Hill, California. With these tips and tricks, you can keep your smile and braces in pristine shape this festive season. On behalf of our staff, we wish you a happy holiday season.