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When you think of the dentist, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably teeth cleaning. But one of the most common dental treatments that patients have done is braces. These are more popular than many people think and have a profound effect on the lives of the people who receive them. Dental braces are such a common treatment today because of the wide variety of oral problems they fix.

Braces correct crooked teeth, and that’s all, right? Wrong. On top of that they can correct misaligned bites and other defective problems of the mouth. They help correct structural issues that can make it difficult to eat or speak for some people. They are particularly amazing for correcting developmental issues in young children’s mouths so they can grow up with healthy teeth, jaws, and a terrific smile.

With so many positive benefits, it’s no wonder there are more and more people getting braces to correct their smile. There are also a variety of different braces to choose from, broadening the audience they appeal to and giving a second hope to older patients. Innovations in braces technology means that more people can have access to braces that may not have had the option when they were younger. Here are some available varieties of braces:

Traditional Metal Braces
We’re all familiar with these types of braces. These are the ones you used to wear headgear with at bedtime, and that most of our childhood friends had when they needed teeth correction. They are one of the best options because of their corrective power on the jaw and teeth over a shorter period of time.

Ceramic Braces
Ceramic braces are relatively new to the market compared to their metal counterpart. They are practically the same, using brackets and wires to be fixed to the teeth, and they correct the same amount of issues. The main difference is the color because they are made from ceramic instead of metal. This makes them less noticeable and some patients are more willing to get them because of that fact.

Clear Plastic Braces
These are braces such as Invisalign® or ClearCorrect®. They use removable clear plastic trays to gently nudge your teeth into place. They do lack some of the corrective power of traditional braces, but they make up for it it in convenience and discreteness. These are popular with adults who need some minor corrections in their smile.

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