The Teenage Oral Health Quiz

Have you ever had your teenage oral health assessed? The teen years are some of the most important years for your oral health because it is the time when your wisdom teeth grow in, completing the last of your permanent adult teeth. It is also a time when peer pressure and social status are at… Read more »

Is Invisalign® Right for You?

Have you ever wondered if Invisalign® is right for you? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people have heard of the wave of success leaving beautiful smiles in its wake thanks to the power of Invisalign. That is why our team here at in , , is happy to talk to you about… Read more »

Your Hawley Retainer Requires Daily Cleaning and Care

Through the course of your regular adjustment sessions at , your braces have realigned your teeth to achieve your ideal smile. While this is certainly a moment worth of celebration, it’s also not the end of the realignment process. There is still a modest amount of residual tension in the periodontal ligaments that anchor each… Read more »

You Should Seek Timely Professional Attention if Your Braces Are Damaged

When your braces were installed, Dr. secured durable orthodontic hardware to your teeth with a strong dental adhesive. This gives your braces the durability to chew most common foods. However, if you chew gum and eat sticky or hard foods, it could potentially damage a piece of orthodontic hardware. This is even more likely to… Read more »

Tips to Stay on Top of Your Oral Health While Straightening Your Teeth

Today at , we would like to share some tips to help you stay on top of your oral health while straightening your teeth. While we always encourage strong oral hygiene habits along with regular checkups with your dentist, we especially stress this while you are straightening your teeth in , . With aligners, smile… Read more »

The Bad Habits to Avoid if You Want Strong and Reliable Braces

Unfortunately, there are bad habits that can harm and damage your braces and even delay your treatment plan. This is why it’s important to avoid participating in those habits as much as possible. If you avoid them, you’ll be on the right track toward the top-notch smile you deserve. The habits our orthodontic team recommend… Read more »

Things to Consider When Thinking About Getting Braces

When you think of the dentist, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably teeth cleaning. But one of the most common dental treatments that patients have done is braces. These are more popular than many people think and have a profound effect on the lives of the people who receive them. Dental… Read more »

Commonly Asked Questions About Aligning Your Teeth

Deciding to align your smile is a big step for you and your oral health, which is why it’s common to have many questions. If you have questions about orthodontic treatment in , , our orthodontic team is happy to help you by providing the answers to the following frequently asked questions about orthodontics: Question… Read more »

A Healthy Smile in 2017 Is a Happy Smile

A healthy smile in 2017 is a happy smile. Practice safe and effective oral health care habits all year long to ensure your smile is the best it can be. Our team of dentists at can provide you with care and treatments to enhance you smile to its maximum efficiency and aesthetic flawlessness. Here are… Read more »

A Retainer Keeps Your Teeth from Relapsing Out of Alignment

Braces are designed to realign your teeth by applying progressive tension to them. This effectively stretches the periodontal ligaments that are anchoring each tooth in the socket. Each adjustment brings the teeth one step closer to your ideal smile. When your braces are removed, there will still be some residual tension in the ligaments. If… Read more »